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George W. Bush - The Best Bushisms - www.NBCUniversalArchives.com
Go to http://www.NBCUniversalArchives.com to license any portion of this video. This compilation let's you relive the funniest and most outrageous moments of ...
8 Years Of 'Bushisms'
President Bush will be remembered for many things, some of which he may want to forget. But, along the way, Bush has poked fun at others too.
Funny George W. Bush Bloopers - Must see?
Largest and funniest President George W. Bush Blooper collection in the World? Funny or Scary? For you to decide! Confessions: 1:36 is fake, this is what really ...
George Bush Funniest Moments
Clips I put together of George Bush being George Bush. We may have not all liked him as a president, but you have to admit this guy is pretty hilarious.
Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush
Jimmy talks to President Bush about his parents, Donald Trump's inauguration, presidential impersonations, dating Nixon's daughter, UFO's and more.
Steve Bridges - As George W. Bush with George W. Bush!
March 4, 2012: It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Bridges. His passing comes as a shock to all of us. The cause of death is not known ...
George W Bush Stand Up Comedy (Really Funny!)
President Bush has a go at standup comedy at the White House correspondents dinner and actually does a pretty good job for a President.
Funny George Bush Bloopers Compilation! Must See This!
George W. Bush Bloopers Must See. http://www.poltus.com Coming Soon!
Funny Presidential Moments. Best President Bloopers
Funny Presidential Moments. Best President Bloopers.
Funny George W. Moments and Quotes - Best Batch of Bush Bloopers
President George W. Bush dancing/shoe attack/fool me once/ food on your family/911/Dallas/Bushisms.
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